Facebook successfully tested drones for Internet publishing


Company Facebook and Google entered the world of unmanned aircraft (drones) within their Internet to extend to all parts of the world, and in the Facebook “F-8″ conference, which was held last Thursday, said chief technology officer of the company Mike Schroepfer, that Facebook has successfully completed its planes tests without pilot, and it was preparing to move to the next stage.

Facebook internet publishing

The aircraft will continue to Facebook march with each other and with the ground using lasers instead of radio waves, which comes as part of “Internet.org” initiative launched by Facebook in 2013 by the efforts of the Internet to deliver to millions of people in areas that currently suffer from weakness or lack of access to the Internet, “To allow each person in the world that share the Internet,” according to Schroepfer.

The program drones codenamed Aquila (which means eagle in Italian), comes as a result of the purchase of Facebook to the company “Osenta” British specialized design march Aircraft Systems, a company that currently holds the record for the longest journey by plane solar-powered, which has two wings along the wings of the Boeing 737 passenger plane, but the weight of a small car, according to Schroepfer.

Facebook successfully tested

During the conference – which was held in the city of San Francisco – Schroepfer said to attend the march aircraft will be fully solar-powered, and will fly at very high altitudes and will be broadcast to the ground access to the Internet.

Facebook plans

Facebook plans to launch squadrons of aircraft at altitudes of more than sixty thousand feet (18 kilometers), and will be all continuous flight for several months plane can, and will continue planes with each through contact laser to provide wireless Internet areas covered, and will work a mechanism similar to the Internet (router) to direct communication from ground stations to the users.

According to Facebook, the height of sixty thousand feet of these aircraft will provide an ideal space to fly without problems, thanks to the low wind speed and mild weather, allowing them to fly for three months continuously after each launch.

Facebook aircraft

He said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on his account in the network Facebook that these aircraft will be able to provide connections to the Internet for about 10% of the world’s population who are facing problems in access to the World Wide Web because of their presence in a remote logic or lack of infrastructure capable of providing Internet.

Google company

It is noteworthy that Google has bought part of the company in April 2014, “Titan Aerospace to” develop specialized march solar-powered aircraft, integrated into the “Loon Project” of the Google, which includes the launch of the balloons to provide large areas covered by wireless Internet high altitudes.


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